Zagat to Go

And whle I’m on the toic of techy stuff for some device
yo umay be carrying along with you whle you travel, I figured I’d give some props to the new Zagat to go guides. Programmed for your PDA (i.e. Palm, Pocket PC or
Blackberry) and also for cell phones (i.e. Verizon), the solftware here allows you to get your Zagat’s guide with your
whereever your go. Nightlife, movies, golf, restaurants. All the expert…or amateur..advice you’d ever want can be at
your fingertips with over 75 guides of Zagat Survey ratings and reviews to chose from.

I’d love to give
them a try, as a New Yorker, I am a fairly dedicated Zagat fan. Maybe I’ll drop them a note and see if they can’t let
me test one out .But wait…looks like there is a 14 day trial. Maybe I’ll try one of them and get back to you on how
useful they are. Stay tuned.