Sydney: Hilton

Most of us are pretty familiar with the Hilton chain of hotels, so I won’t exhaust a large amount of your time listing the all the
fabulous amenities offered to ensure your comfort. However, I did feel it was necessary to point the website which may
come in handy if the Hilton is within your budget and being well taken care of is of extreme importance. On the norm I
tend to stay at hostels or maybe a shady hotel (great for stories) because I’m your all American budget traveler, so I
don’t look into the Hilton online too often, but the Hilton Sydney website is pretty gosh darn neat
though. The virtual room tour makes me want to splurge and give into the soft-mattress, LCD TV, blackout screens, and
private luxurious bathroom Gods. Sigh. Also worth checking out are the ‘Inspired‘ packages, completely about
pampering, partying, and spoiling yourself.

Enjoy the rugged outback.