Sydney: One for the Road: In a Sunburned Country

Bryson’s ode to OZ focuses on much more than just Sydney, but it is such an excellent read that I had to make it
today’s book pick. My mom got me In A Sunburned
as a gift three years ago before I embarked on my voyage to Australia. In his own words, Bryson admits that
"Life cannot offer many places finer to stand at eight-thirty on a summery weekday morning than Circular Quay in Sydney." Bryson marvels at
the Harbour Bridge and shares his excellent and always entertaining history lessons about the founding of the city and
its landmarks, including details of how the famous Opera House came to be. He spends four days walkling all over the
city, visiting museums and neighborhoods that hug the harbour. Bryson does mention a book by another travel writer that
is worth noting here too: Jan Morris wrote the book Sydney in 1992, excerpts of which appear in her collection
of world travel stories.