Hostel – The Horror Movie

Just a show of hands on how many readers were
planning on seeing the latest horror film coming to the screen, Hostel?
I figured it might attract at least one or two travelers one, because of the name and two, because of the plot outline.
Seems as though three curious backpackers stumble into a city in the Slovak Republic to find it’s nothing like their
Lonely Planet guides described. Instead it’s a gory hell. However, the film was actually filmed mostly in
(Iceland) Czech Republic and IMDB lists some
incredible trivia
info about the flick. Horror isn’t my genre of choice, but some details have intrigued me to the
point I may have to go and sit with my eyes half covered.

The story is inspired by true events, which
basically came from a website director, Eli Roth was shown that advertised itself as a "murder vacation,"
offering users the chance to torture and kill someone for $10,000. That’s pretty damn sick, but as there are welcoming,
sun-filled paradises in the world there are also black, fiery hell-ridden places. Mainly in the minds of some men if you
ask me and I wish no traveler to experience them. Aside from that bit of trivia, the film also gained the record for an
American film with the most languages and no subtitles. Nine different languages are used. Very, very twisted and