One for the Road: Foreign Babes in Beijing

This spring 2005 release from author Rachel DeWoskin has already been slated to be made into a film. DeWoskin’s
memoir, Foreign Babes
in Beijing
, tells the story of her 1989 move to China and how she went from PR consultant to overnight sensation as
the American vixen of a Chinese soap opera. According to Publisher’s Weekly, her memoir "…weaves humorous tales
of Sino-U.S. culture clashes both on and off the set with astute observations of the two cultures, as well as a
significant amount of Chinese history." Her insider view of a "new China" has received praise for the
rare details shared about the cultural and economic changes that continue to transform this nation. No word yet on who
will star in the movie, so there’s still plenty of time to read the
book, if you like to do that first.