Unruly Passenger Dumped on Island

This is absolutely beautiful.
You really couldn’t imagine this
to an American passenger on an American flight because all sorts of litigation would ensue.

But in the UK, they not only have little tolerance for misbehavior aboard airplanes, they also have a real sense of
humor in how they deal with it.

According to this BBC piece some guy became so drunk on an airplane that he
started raising a ruckus, insulting people, yelling, being a general air-borne hooligan. He swore at passengers and crew
and basically became so obnoxious that the pilot finally said he had enough and decided to dump the guy on a small
island off West Africa called Porto Santo.

 The guy was dumped on the tarmac, his stuff was thrown out
and he was left behind, cuffed by local authorities, to stew in the equatorial sun.