2006 Travel Horoscopes

Forget the crystal ball and go check out
iVillage and astrology dot com’s 2006 Travel Forecast. Some
people think I feed into horoscopes too much, but it’s only entertainment for me. Like, "I wonder if they’ll guess
right?" After waking from a terrifying dream and way to start the new year I decided to check my horoscope out on
several sites until I found the one I agreed with and liked the most. Kidding about that last part. Everything stated
in mine went hand-in-hand with some of the resolutions I made for the year so I’m pleased at my findings. iVillage does
a great job of covering all your bases and for free. They didn’t pin the Gemini (my zodiac sign)%uFFFD travel forecast
right at all. Short weekend trips to all the big popular cities like Tokyo, London, Amsterdam and Rome all made my
destinations list. None of those destinations are on my list for 2006, but oh well. Better luck next time.