Hangover Today? Some Advice

Are you feeling a bit under the weather today (as opposed to, I suppose, OVER the weather)? Perhaps there
was too much happy in your happy new year? We understand. And we also want to help. Here is a neat little guide to
dealing with a hangover, should that be a self-induced
affliction that burdens you today. First, some difficult facts that might be harder to swallow than that last shot of
tequila from 1 am this morning.

It is unfortunate, but scientists basically say there is no such thing as a
hangover cure. As the article here points out, a recent article in the British Journal of Medicine found that “no
compelling evidence exists to suggest that any complementary or conventional intervention is effective for treating or
preventing a hangover.” Damn. BUT what do doctors know anyway? In human history, it’s often been the case that
the best advice is proffered by bartenders. And so here they asked several of San Fransisco’s top bartenders what they
use to ward off the remnants of too much partying.

From a dose of the “hair of the dog that bit
you” to a series of "personal concoctions" that include Vitamin B1 and two Sine-Aid tablets, we hope
you will find this article a helpful salve to your New Year’s excesses.