Koji Osakaya Restaurants

Sushi is something I’ve REALLY started to get hip
(yes hip) to over the past year so I’m always looking for good restaurant recommendations, even if they’re all the way
in Tokyo or Kyoto. However, it is to our advantage that the Koji Osakaya
serve the kind of Japanese food you’d expect to find in Japan and are scattered around the Portland,
Oregon area. Other locations also include one in Gresham, OR and Seattle, WA. So you don’t have to go far. Aside from
the obvious sushi selections other tasty menu items include noodle dishes (for those that wish to play it safe)
Yakiniku, and Veggie Tempura. Even though I’ve never eaten at these particular spots I’d certainly give them a try if I
were in the area and thought to point the restaurant out to those who already are. Click here for location information.