New Years Pano

I’ve driven folks to fullscreen panos, Hans Nyberg’s site more times than I can remember because there’s
so much great pano photography there. And here we are in the new year, and I’m going to do so again. Because last night
was New Years Eve, and while I spent some time wandering around downtown, mostly the East Village, I stayed far far
away from Times Square. Why? Because I think its awful there. The crowds the noise the cold.

But over at
fullscreen panos, they’ve got an amazing shot of the
. Really superb by pano photographer Jook Leung, whose stuff I’ve seen many times over. This is his
fourth shot of Times Square and each year he seems to get better position. I mean, even though I loathe her, that’s
Mariah Carey, right?

Anyway, there are many many great panos from New Years at the site as well. You will
likely find yourself oohing and ahhing even if there are no actual fireworks in the photos.