One for the Road (01/01/06)

Okay, so I actually did receive more
than one positive comment on this
, but for some reason only one of them is showing up on our website right now. Thanks to those of you who
emailed me and commented that you do indeed enjoy the Book of the Day — One for the Road — feature
that we’ve been doing for several months now. After only brief deliberation it has been decided that the book
suggestions will continue in the new year. So now Gadling readers have a trifecta of travel goodness each and every
day: A Photo of the Day from Erik, a Word for the Travel Wise from Adrienne
and a book selection from me (or sometimes another Gadling writer). We won’t waste any time in starting up again with a
daily dose of book ideas for your reading pleasure. Please feel free to send your own  book suggestions to us
through our tips page or email me directly at gadlingkel AT gmail DOT com.
Happy Travels and Happy Reading in 2006!

[flickr photo by arahsae]