JiWire's Road Warrior Gift Guide

Okay, I know the holidays are over, but gift giving
continues all year long, and shopping for post holiday specials is on right now! I’ve put off all my personal
gift-giving (to myself) until now, and am sure there are others among us already saving up for next year. For the
wireless jet-setters, here is JiWire’s
Wireless Gift Guide for Road Warriors
that I came across while searching for free wireless hotspots online,
of course! (It seems that both Adrienne and I may have to look
into some of these tech goodies for our 2006 international travels!) There are some excellent gadget suggestions here
for you or a traveling techy in your life. The list includes universal power adaptors, battery powerpacks and routers
for on-the-go travelers. My favorite is the Linksys Travel Router, a handy gadget that allows
two folks to share the same hotspot connection. Maybe you can score a free lunch or cup of coffee if you offer to share
with another traveler? (Too bad Adrienne and I are not traveling together — I think we’d split the cost and share this
tool the entire time!) I also like the Always On
Wireless WiFlyer
, a pocketsize router which allows broadband and dial-up connections. The gadget shown in the photo
is the OQO — bigger than a PDA but smaller than a
laptop and perfectly equipped to keep you connected on the road.