Nothern CA Science Museums

Although it was Frank Lloyd Wright who (I believe) said
that museums are dead places of the past…and he meant it in a bad way…I have to say that when I travel to a place, I
am very interested in museums. That is particularly the case for science museums. If a city has a science museum, you
can pretty much bet I’ll check it out. So as I was contemplating a trip to San Francisco recently, I thought I’d see
what kind of museums that have that fit the bill. What I found surprised me.

First of all, one of the best
science museums around is the The Exploratorium in San Francisco. I’ve been
there a few times and always come away pretty jazzed. A few others are as follows:

The Tech Museum of Innovation,
San Jose

The Computer Museum of America in San Diego

The University of California, Davis

Computer Museum in Davis California
Historical artifacts from the Computer Museum are now at Moffett Field

The NASA Ames
Exploration Center at Moffett Field California

The Intel
Museum in Santa Clara California

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center,
Menlo Park California

Any and/or all of these can help make a trip to the Bay area even more fulfilling.
I urge you to check them out if you’re heading to the No. CA area.