Zinn and the Art of Fixing Bikes

An old friend of
mine from Seattle used to head into the mountains outside the city to go on epic bike rides that would last for many
hours. He’d load up his bike, pack a bit of food and water, and then, conspicuously, he’d always have a
copy of Zinn
and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance

The book is something of a bible among the hard-core fat-tire
set. It is written by long-time VeloNews writer Lennard Zinn, who recently updated the utilitarian time for 2006. The
2006 edition contains more of all the info you came to expect from its predecessors including all-new fixes,
adjustments, installations and overhauls for your bike. Zinn’s book is one of the most comprehensive amateur
bicycle repair and maintenance tutorials available, and this new addition is getting a big thumbs up from fat fire fans
everywhere. And keep in mind if you’re a road biker, that there is an edition for you as well called Zinn and the Art of
Road Bike Maintenance