USDA Forest Service: Passport in Time Program

over 15 years the US Forest Service has operated an archeology and historic preservation program that enlists the help
of any able and interested volunteers. I signed up for the PIT Traveler
newsletter a few years ago, with the hopes that I would participate in one of these projects, but I’ve been unable to
do so yet. The latest issue arrived in my mailbox in late Fall, packed full with programs seeking volunteers through
May 2006. PIT recently announced that to cut costs they will not mail the newsletter anymore, but interested history
buffs looking to sign up for one of these volunteer vacations simply needs to visit the Passport in Time website to get
information on current projects with openings. If you decide last minute
that you’d like to help, be sure to check their late- breaking project page as well.
Volunteers work with Forest Service archeologists and historians on structure restorations, artifact curation,
excavation and survey projects at national forests throughout the country. Some programs include lodging in on-site
cabins but others require camping and/or your own transportation to the site. There is no cost to apply or attend,
except for these transportation and lodging expenses. Most projects do not require a specific skills set, although
there are certain cases where they need folks with carpentry, drafting or computer expertise.