Word for the Travel Wise (01/04/06)

When you think about it India is all around us here in the most parts of the states. It’s easy to go out and taste East Indian cuisine, do a little bikram yoga, or watch a film with all or partial references about the dynamic, adventure traveling, backpacker’s dream destination. Without looking up any real statistics, I’m going to guess at least 25% of the world’s so-called globe trekkers have listed India on the very tops of their list. While all the prolonging the trip may prepare you and provide some cultural insight to the country I don’t think anything can prepare one for the heat. I know I’ve never been, but I just envision this extremely hot, hot, country. Not exactly all over, but in most places. Maybe I’m wrong.

Today’s Hindi word is from India:

pankhaa (m) – a hand-held fan

So perhaps many of us wouldn’t normally use a hand-held fan to keep us from sweating profusely or take away some of the sun’s edge. In the event me or someone I know is about to faint from heat exhaustion, dehydration, or who knows what, I’d like to be able to yell “grab me some water and a ‘pankhaa,’ someone, please!” If that should some how fail then we’ll go after the word for doctor. The word for doctor is pretty similar to English so the hand-held fan or ‘pankhaa’ is probably your best bet.

There are several awesome resources online to learn Hindi for free and a fee. Let’s Learn Hindi is a colorful place to pick up the basics and some additional tools. Those interested in reading Sanskrit can click here and Pimsleur has great audio books.