The Worst Places to Travel

We’ve now bid 2005 adieu, but the world hasn’t changed much since we crossed over. There are still many dangerous places that the timid (or even the not-so-timid-but-still-don’t-want-to-die) to go. I was giving this some thought recently…that is, where would it be really BAD to go right now ,and a couple of obvious hot spots came to mind. For example, Iraq. That US teen went and did it a few weeks ago, and he made big headlines, but suffice to say, you and your honey are not going to pack up and head out to Tikrit for a weekend away. But where else?

I found this site with the rather unsavory name, um polobastards, that lists the place that in 2005 (and 2006 for that matter) would be best to avoid if you’re planning a vacation. Among their listed countries are: Somalia, Niger, Sudan Chechnya, Indonesia and the Palestinian Territories. They provide the reasons why such places are to be avoided, but you can probably figure that out on your own.