Torch Tour Towns: Foggia and Campobasso

Somewhere in the midst of our site redesign and the crazy
holiday season, I completely lost track of my promise to feature an Italian town
each week that was or will be visited by the Olympic Torch. I remember hearing that NY Yankees coach Joe Torre was carrying it, but
then forgot to check in and see where he was at. (He ran with it in Florence in mid-December.) Since we’ve still got a
little over a month till the Games begin, there’s plenty more ground to cover. And, so you don’t write me off as a
complete slacker, I got right to it and checked in to see where the flame is right now, about a month after leaving
Rome. As today draws to a close in Italy, the torch is in Foggia, in the south, not far from Bari, another town mentioned here not too long ago. The province
holds a Jazz Fest each year. Tomorrow the torch travels north to
Campobasso, an agricultural town in the Molise region known for
its Slavic influences. I have to admit that I had trouble finding good info about these places in a pinch, but if my
Aunt Catherine is reading…maybe she’ll add some commentary on what she knows about these towns from her years of
living in Italy. (No pressure AC :) I’ll try to do a better job myself with next week’s town. Chime in if you’ve ever
visited these regions and have sometime to add. Ciao!