Trinidad: Tattoo Farm

Why is it vacation time seems to be the most appropriate time to take a needle and ink to the outer most organ of our bodies? I’ve got two tat’s of my own, but I didn’t bother with the pissy drunk vacation debauchery scenario that happens far too often. Does being surrounded by clear blue water, soft sand and warm sunshine evoke some kind of inner Picasso? Can these things be blamed entirely on rum and Coke? Just some thoughts. In any matter the science can be investigated later, but for now you can take a look at the Tattoo Farm.

Of course this only comes in handy for those spending time in Trinidad any time of the year. Tattoo Farm has been in business since 1997 and prides itself in adhering to the strictest professional standards in a country that lacks the best health-related legislation. (Funny.) For your well-being and reference, they stay in complete compliance with the European Union Hygiene and Safety Regulations. Persons interested only in piercing can depend on the same safe and sterile environment. History of the Tattoo Farm and founder, Gilles from France is something to look into and I’m sure you’ll want to while checking out the online portfolio. Shop location and contact info can be found here.