Fete Planning

huge misconception people have about a person like myself is that I’m a spoiled American girl who loves to travel the
world with an endless amount of money to spend and I should have no problem attending all the fetes so long as I’ve got
the stamina to do so. WRONG. I am a broke American girl who loves to travel the world with probably half the stamina and
three times the spirit to participate. With that being said every fete I would like to attend is being jotted down and
worked into the budget. And planning for Carnival has been quite a task. More than I expected. Having worked on several
events, promotions, and productions in the past I’m aware of all the behind the scenes work that usually goes into most,
but never have I planned a vacation to this extent. Especially something so simple as going to a club, party or fete as
they say.

Several calendars are out, but it is to my belief Trini Jungle Juice has the most extensive one, listing
almost all of the fetes taking place. During this time you’ll want to tackle as many of the popular fetes as possible
with a few others in the mix. From what I’m told Machel Montano and several
of the Island People fetes taking place during Carnival week shouldn’t be
missed. Dates can be found by clicking into the calendar here. The average price for fetes are $120 TT / $20 USD and
all inclusive fetes range from $400-$600 TT / $65-$100 USD. Two or three of these a week up until Carnival can easily
put a dent in one’s pocket.