Word for the Travel Wise (01/07/06)

Since Kelly recently announced her first stop on her big trip coming up, I figured I dedicate the word of the day to her. Maybe not dedicate, but throw a suggestion out there. Perhaps you could even call it a Plan B type of word. For one I couldn’t imagine using it over some of the more appropriate ways to inquire about the location of the nearest restroom facility, but it could certainly come in handy if your mind suddenly goes numb while holding your bladder and thumbing through your Brazilian Portuguese phrasebook. Who knows?

Today’s word is a Portuguese word from Brazil:

xixi – pee (slang)

Okay, so maybe this word isn’t even recognizable in Portugal. Maybe it is a slang unique only to Brazil, used to describe which bodily function is to be performed behind closed doors. My reasons for picking the chosen word are many. For starters I wanted to toss this one out there to any speakers from either Portugal or Brazil to enlighten me if the word is used in both countries. Second, I find words that start with an ‘X’ interesting. There never seems to be enough of them. (Especially when playing a close game of Scrabble.) Lastly, it would be pretty cool to pool some words together that may be useful for Kelly and anyone on their future travels to either of the countries.

Easy Portuguese
online offers a small dictionary of useful words, useful phrases, and a couple of short lessons to get you started. Most have audio clips including our word for the day found here. Portuguese Language dot net has excellent historical info on the language and numerous tools to help you get motivated and be successful at learning the 6th most spoken language. Those interested in classroom study abroad can click here for more info at Franco Americano.