Five Vanishing Travel Sites

A few days back USA Today featured an article on five of the world’s natural and cultural wonders on the brink of extinction due to global warming (of course), over-development, and habitat degradation. Sad to say, but there is not much that can be done to verse the tremendous amount of damage done with so little time left. After speaking with several conservationists, Jayne Clark provides the prognosis and some tips on making your way to the site before they change or vanish completely. When Mother Nature is the cause of a site’s disappearance what can you do, but when man is the reason it’s a huge bummer. Everyone should consider reading this piece and other lists out there with places running close behind these five.

  • The snows of Kilimanjaro along the border of Tanzania and Kenya
  • Polar bears on the Hudson Bay
  • Ancient Egyptian archaeological sites on the West Bank of the Nile in Luxor
  • Gullah/Geechee Culture along the Atlantic Coast from Cape Fear, N.C. to the St. Johns river in North Florida
  • Monarch butterflies’ annual migration in Michoacán, Mexico