Heading Out

There’s a lot to do when you head out on a big, long tripp. Planning and packing and preparing. When I think
about the best trips I’ve taken, they usually consist of two types off trips: well planned where you know what’s going
to happen because you made it so, and totally extemporaneous, where whatever happens is a surprise because you did
almost no planning.

Well, keeping with this theme, I urge you to check out an article that I jst read over
the Chicago Trib
that takes a look at the lives and efforts of a couple that did get away. It wasn’t some grand epic
adventure, but it was a nice slice of time. The tips are basic — Pack the bare minimum. Eat and drink like a
local. Set a budget and stick to it (sort of) — but useful. Sensible. The piece may not get you to quit your job
tomorrow, but it might inspire you to consider extending your next trip by a week or two.