Italy: Ivrea Orange Festival

Let’s keep the citrus theme going today — from lemons
in Spain to oranges in Italy we go: The annual Orange
will take place from February 25 – 28, 2006 in the northern Italian town of Ivrea, about 30 miles north of
Turin, in the Piedmonte region. This historic festival began in the 19th century with the throwing
of fruit from the balconies at passers-by, imitating the grand Carnivals held in the seaside town of Nice where the
first citrus fruits originated. Random fruit throwing soon developed into real disputes, then in to an organized
tradition of opposing teams (one on foot, the other in horse-drawn carts) who would battle each other by throwing
oranges. Held every year,
the four-day celebration culminates on Shrove "Fat"
Tuesday. The official carnival season kicked off on January 6th, and there are a series of events that take place leaving up to the four
day fruit fest. Learn more about Piedmonte’s Canavese and Lanzo Valley region and consider
an off-season visit to witness the orange mess for yourself.