The Year of Outdoor Alabama

Last year Alabama was all
about rolling up the sleeves and digging into good, old-fashioned, down home, in the back woods Alabama food as well as many nuevo cuisines. Must
have been an extreme amount of good eating going on because now they want you to work it off in the great outdoors.
2006 has been declared the year of ‘Outdoor Alabama’ by Gov. Bob Riley
according to this piece from the Mobile
. After a visit to the Alabama tourism site it’s very clear why the decision was made to make the focus on
being out and about. Any type of outdoor enthusiast is bound to find an activity or environment perfect for their
needs. Check out the beaches on the Gulf Shore or spend a day in Northern Alabama’s caves. Hang out with the birds, on a hunt, campground,
trail or with your
camera on some of the state’s most scenic drives.

As a child I loved getting lost in early afternoon
strolls through woodsy trails near the house. Red clay mounds and small hills were an added bonus when I either wanted
to get dirty or tuck myself into a ball and tumble down the soft earth from a rolling hill nearby. They existed mostly
in the neighbors yards and spending hours on their property without getting caught was the adventure. Thanks for all
the swell memories outdoors Alabama!