Ceres, South Africa & Juice

Inspiration for this particular travel destination
comes from a tetra pak of apricot juice. Must have had a few more
morning brain cells charged up than normal. I focused my half-awake eyes on the same tetra pak I normally pull from the
fridge and pay no mind to, other than gulping down some of the best fruit juice in the world. But where in the world?
As I started reading the labeling on the box I was suddenly sucked into the fertile valleys at the southern most tip of
Africa. A land where rivers are replaced with streams of free-flowing youngberry, guava, mango, hanepoot, and passion
fruit juices with no added sugar, colorants, or preservatives. All the real earthy fruit juice you could possibly ever
want and desire found in the "Eden of Africa."

Ceres, South
offers a wide-variety of activities beyond visiting the fruit growers factories or the Klondyke Cherry Farm.
Mountain drive tours through the Matroosberg are available at the Matroosberg
, experience panoramic views of the level shallow valley of the Ceres Karoo, mountain bike, go fishing, on a
cultural tour or something as simple as a donkey cart ride in Wethu. Visit the tourism site to see a full list of activities, accommodation, restaurant, and
historical information about the region. If you decide to go try not ask about the free-flowing streams of fruit juice.
That was only wishful thinking on my part.