Sundance Coming Soon

It’s almost that time again, when the streets and slopes
of Park City begin swarming with Hollywood types and the piece of a cup of coffee double. Man, I wish I was going to Sundance this year. I know the folks over at Cinematical are going, as are a couple other friends of mine. I’ve been to Park
City a bunch of times, but I know that it is a very different place once the Sundance folks descend on the town. As
cheesy as it can sometimes sound, I have to admit there is a real allure to standing in line for the ski lift with Al

Well, there will be an endless flow of stories and blogging coming out of Park City this year, and
the Post starts up the
with a humorous piece by M.J. McAteer, the he letters editor for The Washington Post. What’s up with
that? I can’t go, but the letter’s editor can? Sheesh.

Well, it’s a fine piece, so no
intention to dis the letters editor here. It sets the stage nicely for what will soon be a deluge of coverage from one
of the biggest “indy” events of the year. The Sundance Film Festival starts this year on January 19.