Berlin Film Festival

I know I mentioned Sundance earlier and it may seem like I’m all about film festivals right now, but I promise you it is just a coincidence. It is a coincidence that I am mentioning to you the coming of the Berlin International Film Festival in Germany. This is another one of the big ones and it is happening in one of the most happening cities in all of Europe. A buddy of mine just got back from Berlin and he said it is electrified. The nightlife is excellent, the art scene is thriving and the economy, well, if not booming, at least Berlin is the heart of what growth there is taking place.

The fact is that the Berlin Film Festival allegedly has the largest audience of any film festival on the globe, with some 180,000 tickets sold for over 700 different movie screenings. Does this mean everything shown is good. No. But if you’re into documentaries about East Angolan Snake Charming school, well, Berlin is the place for you. The festival, should you speak German, is called the Berlinale, and it runs this year from February 9 to 19. Some of the hot films being shown include “The Elementary Particles”, based on a book by Michel Houellebecqas well as a all new British-Canuck film called “Snow Cake,” that stars Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver.