Hiking to the North Pole…in the Dark

Here’s a great story for extreme fans everywhere. Two adventurers, Børge Ousland and Mike Horn,
will very soon embark on an epic trip the likes of which has never been attempted, or at least completed, before (and
there are very few of these types of accomplishments left). On or around January 16, these two guys will head out to
walk to the North Pole…in the dark. Yes, they will do it in the heart of winter, when the sun is as scarce as
elephants and giraffes in that part of the world.

National Geographic
Adventure has got a long piece
on the trip and the dudes themselves.  These are not warm cuddly characters.
these guys are, to use the parlance du jour, extreme. Each is broadly experienced in cold travel and a bit sick in the
head. Take Horn, "one of the most revered explorers in Europe".

Over the last ten years, he has crossed the length of the Amazon River with a boogie board, he followed the Equator
around the globe sans motorized transport, and perhaps most amazing of all, completed a 12,400-mile continuous
circumnavigation of the Arctic Ocean by foot, ski, mountain bike, kayak, monohull sailboat, and catamaran. Dude, you
are hard core.

Anyway, this is a fine piece of writing and a nice way to make yourself feel really unaccomplished in life.