Airline Airwaves to be Auctioned

This is great news for frequent travelers who hate to be out of touch with email and the Internet when flying
(and let me say I count myself among them). The FCC is going to auction the
airwaves currently used by those absurdly expensive phones embedded in the headrests.

Apparently those
phones are operated by a Verizon and (in typical Verizon fashion) they are far too expensive and so very few people use
them. This could be good news for the airlines, who, as we all know, are financially struggling. Several airlines have
declared bankruptcy (so use up those miles!). And the idea is that the new phone could help generate a new revenue
stream if they can partner with a fwe solid broadband companies.

So that would be amazingly cool…to
actually be able to surf the net while flying. I did do that way back when I headed to Armenia on a flight to Munich,
and it was a mixed experience. the connection was not that great, but I did get to use the internet. That said, the one
thing still missing BIG time from airplanes is a power source. That, to me, is the next great step in airline
convenience. Give us a place to plug in our laptop/ipod/PDA/hair dryer. Please do. Oh please oh please.