Another Inflight Wierdo Goes Berserk

What’s up with folks in the air these days? Is it the ozone hole shrinking and people are inhaling loads of
space-based crazy dust? Remember that article we posted about a while back about the guy who went nuts aboard a plane
and was (yes, sad ending) shot by marshals? Well, turns out that airborne craziness is gender neutral. According to this "news of the weird" piece in
the Salt Lake City Tribune, a woman named Bogdana Georgieva, seized another passenger during the flight, tossed her
into the aisle and then screamed that she had a baby named Jesus. Wait, there’s more. Then she insisted that her uncle
had impregnated her and claimed that "President Bush was behind it all."

Or so read the complaint
filed against her in court. Further, she also attempted to remove her blouse and throw things at other passengers. The
flight was Skywest-United Express Flight 6664 out of Eugene, Oregon to Denver. The pilot rerouted the plane and landed
in Salt Lake.  The woman, a Bulgarian national, was taken to University Hospital for an evaluation. The prognosis: