One for the Road (01/13/06)

I know it’s January, so gelato is
probably the last thing on your mind right now, but it is creeping into the high 50’s here in the northeast today, and
I’m wishing hard that this early spring would stick around. I know it won’t, but in honor of the balmy temps, I’m
suggesting a yummy book for all the ice cream lovers. Actually, in my opinion, gelato is sooooo much better than
regular ice cream. And Michael McGarry’s book will help you find the very best of the bunch on your next visit to
Italy. When his wife received a year-long art history fellowship in Bologna, McGarry wasn’t sure what he would do
while in Italy. But one taste of gelato at La Sorbetteria and he knew. Gelato: Finding Italy’s
Best Gelaterias
profiles more than 50 shops throughout the country. The book includes color photos, tips on how to eat gelato properly and a glossary
of over 75 flavors….all sure to leave your mouth watering for a taste.