Dulles Shuttle to Main Terminal

There is a
first time for everything and my first experience with Dulles
Airport in D.C. came today. I booked a flight out of Tampa into the wrong airport (I was supposed to fly into Regan)
which later resulted in a $55 cab fare to Arlington, but my brief encounter with the tank like shuttles to the main
terminal was worth it. Those things are hideous. What’s with the smoke stack extensions on top and the huge wheels? My
list of airports visited my not be 100 plus, but I’ve got the strange feeling no other shuttle in any other airport in
the world can be as unattractive as those massive, ugly, white and gray tanks. I’m sure many of you have been through
Dulles, so I won’t carry-on about them much longer. Just a first time moment in travel. Those who haven’t flown through
Dulles can check out the online gallery from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

(Photo from Slivka)