Serious Deals on JetBlue

I just flew JetBlue to go back and forth to Vegas, and while all the flights
were jam-packed, I still consider them the best airline out there. I needed to make a change to a flight to get out of
Vegas early, and this was on the weekend of CES and the Adult Video Awards, and the had no problem making the change.
And then there is the satellite TV and the free headsets and don’t even get me started on the bags of smoked almonds.
JetBlue rules.

Well, they’re taking this even further, and kicking off 2006 with a sweet sale on most
routes. Called the JetBlue Winter
, prices start at $39 one-way, and include destinations like the Caribbean, the Northeast, Florida, and
California. The lowest fares they are offering tend to be the routes listed here: Long Beach/Las Vegas,
Washington/Boston, Seattle/Boston, New York/Ft. Myers, Boston/San Juan, Washington/Oakland, and New York/Las Vegas
routes. Think about that for a moment — LA to Vegas for $70?! Gas would cost you more than that.

And, of
course, you can expect many of the airlines to follow suit, so you should see what the JetBlue price is and then do a
kayak search and see what else is happening. For example, Continental is offering a $200 RT fare from Boston to San
Diego. Get down there and cross the border where it’s warm.