Brunton 58 Kayak Deck Compass

It’s been awhile since I highlighted any kayaking gear, and since I was hanging out down
at Manhattan kayak the other day, I figured I’d mention something. In most places the people paddle, you don’t much need
a compass. You can get around just by looking around you. Oh, there’s downtown Manhattan, yeah, that’s South. But there
are other times when having a compass comes in handy, let alone when it is a means to avoid getting seriously lost.

And so, I discovered (well, didn’t discover per se…I found on the Web) a cool compass called the
Brunton 58 Kayak Deck Compass, which might be considered a serious necessary piece of equipment for any hard-core open
water paddler.  Brunton is the maker of fine gear, and this compass is no exception. It attaches via shock cords
with hooks, and will attach securely to deck lines, straps or strap eyes. It also features 10-degree graduations and
is, of course, completely waterproof. Adding a compass to your kayaking rig is a damn fine idea, and this could be an
excellent addition to your set up.