Dining in the Dark

Eating with the lights
out is a new trend for Los Angeles and NYC and a new sensory approach to dining. I’d imagine the event to be somewhat
overwhelming for those who are afraid of the dark or finicky eaters. Picture being blind-folded in a room lit only by
the light shining from underneath the door. It smells like chicken, but you’re heart is pounding hoping to the great
heavens it’s not pork. The clinking and clatter from silverware against the plates of other diners in the dark is mixed
with soft chatter and light laughter. Is it chicken or is pork? A hand brushes against your cheek beckoning you to open
wide. After a few nervous seconds you open up to have the most ambrosial piece of braised rabbit with saffron placed on
your tongue. Although the scenario above is a mixture of my own imagination and real events I wonder if this could this
be the upscale version of ‘Fear Factor?’ Cool
has a piece on the artsy Dark Dining Projects founded by
Dana Salisbury in New York. The events take place on at the Camaje Bistro in West Village on Monday and Tuesday
starting January 16 to March 28. For lovers and singles there will be a special Valentine’s Day edition. L.A. based Opaque has had on-going weekly blackout meals since July of 2005. Apparently
Europeans thought this was cool a while back and have been doing dark dinners for sometime now.