There are many many travel sites out there that
profess to help you with your travel planning and travel ideas. But few I’ve seen are as chock full of useful links as It’s a simple design, crude almost, but there is so much here that you can spend a good deal of time
just exploring the myriad places that Johnnyjet sends you.

From links
air travel that send you to the best flight deal sites as well as to round the world ticket sites and last-minute deal
sites, to links for auto rental sites and listings of public transit sites by state, to visa help, travel
warnings and language schools…well, this is just the
tip of the iceberg. One of the nice things about johnnyjet is that they don’t profess to have the information
themselves, they are all about helping direct you to the best places to go. Want to find a great cooking class in France? Easy, just go to the cooking
classes link. Again, the design leaves a bit to be desired. It’s simple, mostly text driven, but you can easily while
away an hour just exploring the links at this endlessly useful site.