Roatan, Honduras

Here’s a piece of the Caribbean we don’t hear about too often, but with new once a week flights out of Miami and
Houston, the tiny island off the coast of Honduras should be attracting more visitors in no time. Charter planes bring
in the European tourists and a lot is being done around the island to make it more comfortable for travelers.  The
Miami Herald runs an article on Roatan,
Honduras a place people go for the ocean. The island is only 40-miles long and the waters surrounding it are perfect,
welcoming divers. Most beachfront hotels on the West Bay have scuba diving shops, offer lessons and an asosrtment of
other water activities. For culture seekers Roatan is the home of the Garifuna and their own dying language. The
Garifuna are made up of Arawak Indians from the Amazon Caribes from the Caribbean and escaped slaves. In the photo
natives of Punta Gorda re-enact their arrival on the island. Further information on culture and annual events can be
found at Roatan Online in addition anything else you’d want to know about
getting there.