Train 124 – Brazil

Train 124 runs from the city of Porto Alegre to São Leopoldo located
in the Rio Grande do Sul state of south Brazil. Each day thousands of passengers ride to and from point A to point B on
the graffiti covered trains, but unlike most trains, usually victims of the night’s restless hooligans bored and
searching for unique make-shift canvas to tag glorious works of uninvited art, Train 124 was painted by os Gemeos,
Nina, Ise, Coio, Nunca and Trampo. It is only an educated guess that they were allowed to do such massive works of art
on city transportation and well, the city doesn’t seem to mind. The project was completed in November 2005. Whatever
the case it would be awesome to see some trains like this in the states even if the rest of the city isn’t tweaked in
gray tones to showcase the vivid colors. Very, very cool.

via Wooster Collective