Rough Guides iToors Podcasts

We don’t pay Rough Guides nearly as
much attention as we probably should. While I’m not wild about using their guide books on my own travels (being honest
here folks) I do enjoy their Rough Guides to music and these cool iToors
. These audio tours let you capture the city’s essence of places like Prague, London, Glasgow and even Santa
Monica. Time only allowed me the opportunity to listen to one so I went for the city sounds of Scotland’s music city, Glasgow. On this tour the
famed publishers take the visitor through the city by way of venues and hang-out spots where young girls drool and
hearts throb for bands like Franz Ferdinand. If you’re dying to discover the workplaces and rehearsal spaces where
chances run high of bumping into Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian don’t count on them to put you on the front
door step, but it’ll probably be close. At the very least it’s ten times classier than the Star Maps used to hunt
celebs in L.A. (If tracking down famous folks is what you’re after. I pass on those field trips.) Don’t be fooled
though, the content of the iToor is excellent. Check em’ out and if you like subscribe for more.