Transportation in Trinidad & Tobago

On my first visit to the Trinidad I took a lot of taxi’s or did some hitchhiking on occasion with companions and a few times alone. Hitchhiking is not the recommended method for tourists going to and fro’ and should be proceeded with maximum caution. I suppose I felt comfortable doing such because I hadn’t a rental car, was staying in a rather hilly area (a difficult trek) and no real good source of transportation info, until now. Consider this Ah Trini Travelogue blog an all inclusive guide to the island. While most questions about Carnival can probably be answered on one’s own over time the transportation issue remains a mystery to be solved with precise calculations, a rental car or this entry on the various means of getting around. It’s a complete 101 guide. Rishi covers it all from location of taxi stands down to taxi etiquette. What’s even better are the pictures of some actual taxi locations and this color-coded map of the islands maxi-taxi routes. Very thorough. Bookmark this one if you intend on going at it without a rental vehicle.