The New Guy

Everybody gets a first day on the job and today’s

I don’t know that I’d really consider this a job, however. “Job” tends to
imply certain elements of toiling, a degree of masochism, and the occasional howler monkey jumping up and down on a
desk with a stopwatch in one hand and an excel spreadsheet in the other.  No, this is not a job in the traditional
sense at all. 

As the newest writer on the Gadling team, I’m not “starting a job” so much
as I’m joining a community of like-minded travelers—travelers who share a passion for throwing themselves
headfirst into the wonders of far off lands and immersing themselves in all that such destinations have to offer.

By way of introduction, I began life as a xenophobe whose very first time outside of America didn’t occur
until the obligatory, college graduation, Eurail vacation that was supposed to last one month.  Six years later, I
finally returned home, having found my passion. 

I was fortunate to embark on my trip just as communism
was toppling and as a result, spent much of this time in the former Soviet Bloc. Countries which had been inaccessible
to outside visitors for years had suddenly thrown open their doors to foreigners and it was, and continues to be, an
extraordinarily fascinating region to travel through as a result.  As part of my gig here at Gadling, I will be
posting a regular column entitled “Red Corner” that highlights this relatively unknown section of the world
which remains far off the proverbial beaten path even today, more than 15 years after communism fell.  Please take
a moment to check out today’s introductory posting for more information. 

So that’s it. 
I’m on board and ready to go.