Red Corner: More Fun with Moscow Ice

On a related note, immediately after finishing yesterday’s post about the dangers of too much wintertime ice in Moscow, I came across the following article in the LA Times discussing an apparently positive attribute of such bitterly cold winters: the Russian passion for ice swimming.

Despite a cold wave currently sweeping the country that is bad for even Russia, the crazies are still digging holes through the Moscow River ice and plunging in for some heart-stopping R & R. Although the article focuses on the ancient Epiphany holiday which draws the religious to the frigid waters, the author is quick to point out that countless Russians engage in this strange sport throughout the winter.

As a tourist, I’m sure you can join in as well. Just stay away from the vodka to warm you up afterwards. Every year, countless drunks pass out in snow banks throughout Moscow and aren’t found again until spring. Don’t be one of them.