Registered Traveler Program Green Lit

We mentioned this a ways back and it kind of
slipped my mind that it was still happening. Remember the Registered Traveler program? The program that
will allow travelers to bypass the long and arduous security lines if they pay a fee? Well, after some three years, the
program is finally getting off the ground. 

The Transportation Safety
(TSA) announced that certain airports will have the program implemented by as early as June 30.
Among the airports, apparently San Jose International is expected to be one of the first…which seems a bit odd, as I
don’t recall that airport (and yes I’ve flown through it several times) as being particulaly busy. But maybe that’s the
idea. You test it in a less busy place.

Anyway, according to a piece in USA Today, some 13,000 people have
signed up for Verified Identity Pass at Orlando, where they are rolling out of a for-profit version of the program.