Sapporo Festival

Those traveling to Japan next month should
probably add a little event to their calendars. The Sapporo Festival takes place
from February 6 to 12 this year to visit the cold city and celebrate Japanese culture and architecture. Last year, more
than two million people came to Sapporo to experience the frozen architecture of the Snow Festival. During the event,
numerous teams from around the world will construct more than 300 sculptures and buildings from snow. A few of them can
be as tall as stories. 

The structures go on display at three locations in town: the main site
at Odori Park, Sato Land park and the streets of Susukino, the city’s entertainment and shopping district. And for
those who get really hungry after a day of snow structure gazing, the streets will also be teeming with stalls selling
all mannerr of culinary treats, including Sapporo’s signature dish, ramen. Just like college.