Why does Wallpaper* magazine like Bette so much? Is it her feminine lilac, pink, and peach tones she sports
against chocolate brown leather, both classy, and intimate? Could it be her box-like figure or old 19th-century
Parisian style that sticks out in Manhattan streets? Structure would probably make for a better word than figure and if
Bette really were a woman she wouldn’t be perfect, but very darn close. Instead she is an outlet, a restaurant and a
meeting place for friends and lovers. Transformed from a London Terrace, Bette waits in Chelsea at exactly 461 West
23rd Street, NYC for the lonely, loved and starved who will either come to gawk at her interior or simply to have their
fill. Wallpaper* does little to describe her menu pages, but coming from a mag obsessed with frame, build and decor,
they leave the tasting for you to explore. Hope she’s all you ever wished for.