Word for the Travel Wise (01/22/06)

Sixty-six days rest between today and the complete total solar eclipse scheduled to cross over Turkey at several points and various times. The exact date is March 29, 2006 and you can click here to see the projected path of this phenomenal event. But what would possibly be cooler than seeing an eclipse while in Turkey? Knowing how to speak a word of Turkish. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I stand alone when it comes to seeing the importance of basic exchange of communication and%uFFFD more so how incredibly divine, groovy, nifty and neat it all is, but I seriously doubt that. So follow me.

Today’s word is a Turkish word used in Turkey:

merhaba – hello

Though used throughout Turkey, this word is commonly used in several Arab countries to greet someone as well. Use it before asking about nature’s awe-inspiring spectacle and if you should be around during the time use it to say hello to the rare twilight that masks the sky for only a few minutes. After the sun, moon and planet Earth finish their fantasmo light show you might be struck in such a manner to learn every Turkish word under the sun. Prepare ahead of time by visiting this Turkish Class site. Membership is free and you’ll get a lot more than some of the basics they already have listed. Online Turkish is good too, but you’ll have to register and pay to get anything more than hello, how are you and I love you. Stick to the first site and check out this Turkish vocabulary list of body parts. This is only a hunch, but I have the feeling you’ll see several ‘isaret parmagi’ pointed toward the sky during the eclipse.