Utah's Secret Snow

You wouldn’t figure that a big East Coast paper would
know much about the ski conditions in the West…that is would profess to know he "secret spots" in a place
like Utah. But the Washington Post yesterday made a pretty respectable
effort at it. Now, up front, I need to say that I am a big fan of skiing, and a big fan of Utah. Since living in new
York City, I can say I’ve been back to Utah much, but it has a place in my heart, especially since my wife went to
school and lived there for many years. I know most of the big areas in the state, and have a particular fondness for
Alta. You can keep Deer Valley as far as I’m concerned. I don’t need m slopes groomed to death, thank you. Deer valley
is a resort for old people with bad backs and a  Park City is fine.

The two areas that the piece here singles
to are both deserving of mention…and certainly deserving of a day or two if you happen to be in the state. The two
areas are Solitude and Brighton. I’ve skied both and found each to be
quiet, nicely managed, and impressive hills. The writer of the piece here comes to a similar conclusion. So give it a
read and at the very least the next time you’re making plans to ski in Utah, consider these two lesser-known