Super Trip: Detroit

I found it rather gutsy that on Sunday morning, well before the afternoon playoff game which
determined if the Seahawks were actually going to the Super Bowl, the Seattle Times printed an article on how local fans could
travel to the Super Bowl in Detroit.

Well, as it turned out, the Seahawks did indeed win the game and now the rush is on for diehard fans to pilgrimage
to America’s biggest sporting event (and all the hoopla contained therein). 

In her Seattle Times article, optimistic reporter Kristin Jackson tackles (ha ha) the logistical challenges of
getting to Motown for the big event on February 5th.  While some of her recommendations aren’t too original
(try Expedia!) she does have a handful of excellent suggestions – such as booking a hotel across the river in
hockey-loving Canada. 

Check it out if you’re on the way to the big game.  But get yourself some tickets first; Jackson’s
article offers no tips on scoring your own.