Word for the Travel Wise (01/24/06)

After one of the scariest flights of my entire life today I wanted to drench the ground in sloppy wet kisses, embrace it with arms wide open, place my cheek onto the cool concrete, and curl up into a tight ball. With 45 minutes remaining in flight before landing, the captain informs everyone of an unusual situation and that we would need to exercise one of the procedures in the emergency safety card. Huh? What? Come again? This was exactly the kind of thing I did not need on my quick day-trip up to NY for an interview and now my mind was completely shot. Without reliving the details, we’ll just say I was a mixture of emotions.

Today’s word is a Danish word used in Denmark:

svimmel – dizzy

All the commotion going on within me certainly didn’t make me feel dizzy, but if the experience had been any longer or any worse I probably would have been. I thought about presenting this word a few days back after I had watched the dizzy Dogme film, Italian for Beginners, but it works just as well today. Danish is part of the North Germanic language family, also known as a Scandinavian language. Speak Danish dot com has a ten day intensive online course that provides you with lesson one for free and the rest at a charge of $75 USD. Learn Danish is a good source for all the facts regarding the language, but points us back to the Speak Danish which gets a bit dizzy if you’re looking for an alternative site to visit. For learning abroad in classroom settings click here.